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… is a joint effort of German and Ukrainian engineers. The inside of the camera is based on Ukrainian camera technology design manufactured in the Ukrainian Arsenal factory up to the late 1980s. This inside of the camera has been improved by carefully reengineering some of its key components, especially some of its mechanical elements. These parts include elements of the mechanical shutter, the usage of different sealing materials of the highest quality and a new, soft stop of the mirror on a specially designed foam pad.

Besides these technical changes on the inside, the team has designed a beautiful body along the line of the famous German Ihagee ELBAFLEX camera. It is possible to personalize the camera with a choice of leather coating and associated straps.


On the German side, Ihagee is backed by former engineers and technicians from Leica Camera and some former employees of Schneider Kreuznach, who combine many years of experience in the production of analog and digital cameras. The role of the German side is to ensure quality control, not only at the end of the project but by establishing a quality ensuring procedure and workflow. The German part of this project also oversees the supply of some critical materials, use and test of all other materials and technical improvements of the basic historic camera body. On the Ukrainian side, former members of the Arsenal factory have created their own shop with a team of 20 employees, all with long-time experience in the manufacturing of cameras and lenses. The role of the Ukrainian engineers is the basic sourcing and the manufacturing, itself.

Analog photography

With this camera we aim to return to photography as a timeless piece of art.
Analog photography inspires more and more photographers because it opens a new horizon of artistic expression and forces us to slow down and concentrate. We have to think from the end (the image) to the beginning (the shot) and not shoot, take a look and shoot again.

Pictures taken with Elbaflex are images full of contrast, natural and timeless, especially when shot in black and white. The difference to digital is an increase in charm, depth and elegance in your images. Many software tools such as Photoshop, Lightroom and others work hard to imitate what analog photography produces in the first place but never get it just right.
Last but not least, there is this tension and excitement about the images. Having to wait to see the image until after they are developed, raises the excitement – a little bit like unpacking a gift.

Very personal

The ELBAFLEX is the perfect addition to your equipment. Now, you have a very personal, one of a kind image in your hand. You can give it away to your loved ones or file it for yourself. By the way, by the time when our digital data most likely will be lost, your film will still be there.
So, to make a long story short: Analog photography is not a nostalgic fad but the rediscovery of an art form that was falling behind but is coming back strongly.

The new ELBAFLEX is created by a team of of German and Ukrainian engineers. The German side has the design and engineering leadership.

Here some specs – more information of what we do will follow soon!


fully mechanical shutter

Vertical slot closure

metal slot closure with 1/2s, 1/4s, 1/8s, 1/15s, 1/30s, 1/60s, 1/125s, 1/250s, 1/500s + B.

Cocking lever:

also winds the film, short stroke, retractable

Frame counter

additive type, auto-reset, window beside the cocking lever


eye level SLR pentaprism

Flash PC socket

on the right of the prism, flash sync 1/60