Ihagee | Ihagee Dresden
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Introducing the Creation of a Masterpiece

Ihagee is a newly found company with the vision to create beautiful camera hardware starting with a 35mm analogue, truly mechanical camera. This first camera is called ELBAFLEX and follows the great tradition once established by the founder Johan Steenbergen in1912.

To reach this goal German and Ukrainian engineers have joined forces to create a camera that will allow you to take beautiful analog 35mm images. The camera is equipped with a Nikon mount so it opens up a whole horizon of possibilities to use your lenses – either Nikon or others with adaptors. Best of all: The system is offered at a very affordable price with a full two year guarantee and a German-based repair center.

Founded in Dresden, Germany in 1912 by Johan Steenbergen, a young man from the Netherlands the company developed and produced many famous and innovative cameras especially between its foundation and the early 1960s.

Pictures taken with Elbaflex are images full of contrast, natural and timeless, especially when shot in black and white. The difference to digital is an increase in charm, depth and elegance in your images. Many software tools such as Photoshop, Lightroom and others work hard to imitate what analog photography produces in the first place but never get it just right.